Customer Experience Important in Evaluating P2P Solutions

By Guest Blogger Brian Day, TMG Dwolla Product Leader

Designed to help people move their money, person-to-person payments (or P2P) is exploding with emerging applications, devices and solutions. Because customers place a lot of trust in their community financial institutions (FIs) to protect their hard-earned dollars from falling into the wrong hands, it is critical that FIs to do the necessary due diligence when it comes to choosing the right P2P provider.

For web-savvy FIs looking to navigate today’s complex P2P environment and to satisfy a growing customer demand, it is important to find the best solution from the different options available by evaluating each with the customer’s experience in mind. Customer experience with P2P needs to include understanding the turn-around time that an FI promises its customers, as well as knowing the provider’s flexibility to move funds as quickly as possible.

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