Delivery of delight

By Sundeep Kapur

“Branch transformation” is today’s big mantra for financial institutions and providing great experiences to members in branch locations is indeed one way credit unions can delight their members. Great member experiences outside the branch also count heavily into the relationship a CU will be able to build with its members.

Branches are delivering delight with cool, open looks that make members feel welcome in the space. They are leveraging automation tools, such as cash recyclers that do the counting so the member service representative can converse with the member. Remember, people are the pillars of your branch. Besides leveraging automation, CUs need to empower MSRs with training and information. Your members will appreciate the expertise these staffers will then be able to offer them.

But branches aren’t the be-all and end-all anymore. Some credit unions are using ATMs in non-branch locations to boost efficiency, and to offer members after-hours service in multiple languages. Be sure you are personalizing self-service delivery, whether that’s at the ATM, or with mobile or online banking.

Finally, your website and online banking is kind of like having a branch right in the member’s home. Do you deliver delight with it? To help make sure you do, strive to provide easy access to key information and allow members to actually do things like open an account and apply for a loan right there in their browser. For best practices in this arena, take a look at the websites two of CU champions: General Mills Federal Credit Union and The Golden 1 Credit Union.

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