Digital wallets may not be your marketing “ace in the hole”

Oh no! If you’re pondering whether or not your credit union is behind the times in terms of making digital wallet options available for your members, sit back and take a deep breath. According to a recent Gallup poll only 13% of U.S. adults have a digital wallet on their smartphone. Even better news for you, the study also revealed that among consumers who have digital wallets, 38% don’t see any benefits of using the technology. What’s more, nine out of 10 consumers who don’t have a digital wallet say they are very unlikely or unlikely to start using one in the next 12 months (91%).

Just because consumers are slow to adopt this technology, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bee keeping an eye on it and planning for the future. Apple has already shot to the No. 2 position in market share with the launch of Apple Pay, even though Google and PayPal have been in the digital wallet space longer.

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