Do credit unions really need marketing? Follow up thoughts…

by: Bo McDonald

I’m not one to jump in on polarizing social conversations for the sake of causing a stir; however one blog post recently caught my eye. Jim Blaine, CEO of State Employees’ Credit Union in North Carolina is no stranger to controversy. He has opinions on almost any topic in the credit union industry and will readily share them with you.

Jim recently penned a blog questioning the need for marketing among credit unions. “Credit union marketing adds no appreciable value to the movement,” Blainesaid in his post. My first thought is: Rubbish! As the leader of a marketing firm serving our industry I should certainly disagree with him. And I do, but only partially. I think marketing is a necessity for any business or organization who seeks to grow and prosper.

So, what DO I agree with Jim on?

  1. Credit union marketing looks just as good as everyone else’s because it looks just like everyone else’s! Aren’t credit unions different and unique? Or is that just a marketing ploy?
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