Do distractions in the workplace harm employee wellbeing?

How many credit union employees can sit down and focus on a task without distractions when they need to? Only 26%.

You didn’t misread that, only 26% of credit union employees are satisfied with their access to spaces where they can focus on work. This is according to our original research into credit union workplaces surveying more that 1,200 employees.

Every week we spend about a quarter of our time working, and it’s difficult to overestimate the impact that these hours have on our lives. Whether it’s in a credit union office or a home office, on the road or at the kitchen table, the environment we work in makes a mark on our health and wellbeing.

While many organizations are focusing on physically supporting employees with things like ergonomic furniture and home office stipends, the impact of distractions and disruptions to our work are often overlooked.


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