Dust off your digital millennial marketing plan

You’ve dusted the shelves, steam-cleaned the carpets, even organized the files. You think your spring cleaning for the year is done. But you missed a spot — a big one. It’s in that forgotten junk drawer, where your company’s digital millennial marketing plan has sat collecting dust since the world started caring about millennials a few years ago. It hasn’t been relevant in some time, but that doesn’t mean you should just throw it out. Now is the time to crack it open and do some serious upcycling.

We’re sharing a few thought starters to help you get to scrubbing, beginning with how to speak to millennials, then some trending tactics. After all, the best tactical approach means nothing to a millennial who doesn’t like the way you talk to them.

Be Authentic

This is the MOST important aspect of marketing to millennials, and we’ll go so far as to say anyone. Authenticity comes from belief in your own product, in that what you are offering to folks is a quality, fairly-priced product that they can’t go anywhere else to get. Maybe all that is unique about your offer is how you offer it. But don’t sell them. Don’t persuade them. Inform them, and let the chips fall where they may. Live by this tenant: Your products can really only be as reliable as you are.

Another way to think of it: If someone tells us to do something, we don’t really want to. But if we think of it on our own, we own it and are thus more invested. Let them discover your product and choose to share the information with their friends. That starts with making it discoverable.

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