Every day must be Consumer Appreciation Day

I recently made a weekday lunch-hour stop at my local Target. I was initially confused because parking lot was jam-packed on what shouldn’t be a busy day.

Walking inside, I was greeted by smiling red-shirted Target employee who offered a shopping cart and directed me to a large cooler where they were giving away free water and soft drinks. While the service at Target is usually pretty good, none of these things that ever happened to me there before.

I gladly took the free Dr Pepper and soon learned the reason Target was packed that day: it was move-in day at a nearby university. Target was rolling out the red carpet for incoming students and their families who were spending untold dollars that day.

There was nothing wrong with the experience I received as the consumer that day. The only thing that irked me was this question: “Why don’t they treat me like that every day? Why just on a special day like this?”


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