Exit interview: Jenny Lorenz, Linn Area Credit Union

Now-retired Hawkeye State CEO looks back on 35 years of change and a legacy of leadership.

Exit Interview is a new series from CreditUnions.com that shares the insight and experience of credit union executives who are retiring after many years of service to the movement.

Jenny Lorenz became president and CEO of Linn Area Credit Union($539.5M, Cedar Rapids, IA) in January 2016 and retired effective July 1 after 35 years with the cooperative.

The Back Story

When did you join the credit union movement and in what capacity?

Jenny Lorenz: I joined the credit union movement in March of 1986 as office manager here at Linn Area Credit Union. I have been with Linn Area ever since.

Please outline your career path to president/CEO.

JL:I was one of eight employees and we had about $11 million in assets when I was hired. We had one main location and another part-time, small office with one employee.


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