Financial Futures: Accelerator programs

Getting any business off the ground isn’t without its challenges. And while investment can be a big hurdle to overcome, it isn’t the only one. Securing industry expertise, acquiring customers, gaining access to the right tech – these are just a few of a whole host of challenges startups need to solve in order to bring their innovations to life. But rarely can startups find all of these resources from one source, unless they look to accelerator programs.In this season of Financial Futures, we’ll be finding out how financial institutions and their partners are stepping up their innovation efforts to shepherd in the next generation of fintech. And in this episode, we’ll learn how accelerator programs are helping to fuel this new age of ingenuity.Join us as we find out what separates accelerator programs from other investment models with a little help from innovation product manager at FIS, Chris Barry, and senior vice president of Impact Ventures at FIS, Elaine Duff.

We’ll ask what it is that makes accelerator programs so unique (and so effective), and we’ll find out how ESG goals are driving innovation between accelerators and their partners.We’ll also ask: What are the benefits for fintechs who partner with accelerators? How do fintechs choose the right accelerator? Why is it important for fintechs and accelerators to share the same values? How are minorty-owned businesses leading the charge on ESG standards? What benefits, other than investment, do accelerators bring to startups?



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