Five Keys to Better Goal-Setting in Performance Management

By Kris Dunn

It’s early in the year and a lot of you probably are still trying to get started making sure everyone has goals that tie into how you do performance management at your company.

But you’re looking at the goal-setting tip sheet you want to send out to managers—you know the one—with SMART goals and a bunch of other things that are true but seem like cliches at this point because everyone has heard them so many times, right?

Never fear—I’m here to help you with the latest white paper I did over at my company (Kinetix – check us out if you didn’t know) entitled, “Remove the Suspects: Five Keys to Better Goal Setting in Performance Management.” You should download it, because here’s what I’m slinging your way:

1. Real words to replace tired buzzwords like “goals” and “goal setting” that will actually resonate with your team and set you up to clearly define what’s most important in their role. We call them “the five most important things.”

2. A roadmap to help you create goals that are conversational in nature and position you to become a career coach for your “A” players and help weed out your suspect “C” players. There’s a clear path to talking about the difference between good and great performance and what’s in it for the employee that sets your managers up to be coaches.  I’ll give you what I would do if I were you.

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