Foundations step up with assistance programs

Grants supported by generous donations.

North Georgia Credit Union employees each received $100 to spend locally in support of the #CreditUnionsCareChallenge.

Credit union foundations, with support from leagues and credit unions, are providing relief assistance throughout the states they serve as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic touches every corner of the nation.

Iowa Credit Union Foundation

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation (ICUF) launched a new Emergency Relief Fund to assist Iowans during the pandemic, which has caused a major disruption to the state’s economy, the income of many Iowans, and the health of small businesses across the state.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Jaimie Miller, the fund has raised more than $675,000 with donations still streaming in.

“Founded during the devastating floods of 1993, the Foundation is here to help again in this time of economic uncertainty,” says Miller. “This emergency fund was created with generous donations from credit unions, businesses, and individuals, enabling us to do more to help vulnerable Iowans and communities across the state.”


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