Free back-to-school shareables

It’s that time of the year again that parents love and kids hate… back to school time. Or as I like to call it at my house, the most wonderful time of the year. With the National Retail Federation projecting back to school spending to reach $83.7B this year, we thought we’d put together some shareable back to school tips you can use on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

As always, you are free to download any of our designs, add your logo to them, and send them out on your social media accounts.

Back to School Shareables

Help the parents who follow you on social media, by providing them with some fun back to school tips that will save them money. Click on this link or on the image below to check out additional shareables.

Student Loan Tips

With school on everyone’s mind this time of year, you also may want to consider sharing these graphical student loan tips across your social accounts. Click on this link, or on the image below to check out even more designs. 

Labor Day Designs & A Holiday Schedule 

And finally, since Labor Day is fastly approaching, we made some shareable designs for it, too. But we also took things to a whole new level. We’ve been making holiday designs to make it easy for you to share your holiday hours in emails and on social media.

But now all of our designs are in one place.

So you can check out our new Labor Day Designs, along with our growing library of holiday designs for almost every occasion, in a convenient location. We even put together a snazzy holiday content calendar for you. Click it below, or just click on this link to view all of our designs. 

Chris Hall

Chris Hall

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