From the boardroom to the bathroom: On the Mark Strategies’ Mark Arnold explains why credit unions need to create a ‘complete’ member experience…

by. Mike Lawson

From the boardroom to the bathroom to the drive-thru and even online, it is vital for credit unions to create a memorable member experience in any environment to enhance their brand. Most credit unions have the online and mobile services needed in today’s ever-demanding market. But what are they doing to create a user experience that will compel members to talk about those awesome products and services to their friends and family?

To part the waters and show us the way, we invited On the Mark Strategies President Mark Arnold on the show. Mark reinforces his comprehensive member experience message reminding us why it is so important in our increasingly competitive FI arena for credit unions to stand out. He also discusses 2014 marketing trends of which to be aware and the importance of including video in your communication plans.

In addition, we chatted about the pitfalls of social media. Yes, it’s revolutionized the way we communicate and interact today, but credit unions need to be wary of jumping on any new network that comes along. It’s a trap and a time suck. Mark consistently tells credits unions that social media is very important but to focus, focus, focus in this area. And he shows us how to do just that — along with a lot more. Always a memorable experience with Mr. Mark Arnold. Enjoy!


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