Getting fintech innovation to market in record time

The pace of digital banking innovation has nearly every financial institution on its toes, ready to move the minute a new consumer, regulatory or technology trend is spotted. Yet, speed-to-market ambitions come with some very real challenges. Time, talent and investment dollars are all finite resources. Not having enough of any one of these three can hinder even the most innovative organizations from beating the competition to the marketplace.

Credit unions, though, have a unique competitive advantage in the perpetual race for relevancy – genuine collaboration. Not stymied by the dog-eat-dog mentality of more competitive corners of the banking and fintech sectors, credit unions are able to pool their resources, filling and refilling those tanks with time, talent and investment dollars. The mentality of genuine collaboration allows credit unions to pool their resources, filling and refilling resources with time, talent and investment dollars.

CUSO operationalize collaboration to launch fintech innovation  

One manifestation of this collaboration is the credit union service organization (CUSO). Catalysts for innovation within the credit union industry, CUSOs have evolved from credit union-owned service providers to credit union-led fintech launching pads.

PSCU/Co-op Solutions’ own CUSO history serves as a proof point of the CUSO evolution. Now a combined entity, each arm of our recently joined organization was founded by disruptors who pooled their resources to create something new for the ultimate benefit of the members they served.


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