Harnessing our inner child to think more creatively

by. Ben Stangland

When my daughter was three I caught her jumping on her bed. When I asked her to stop jumping she replied “Dad, I’m not jumping on the bed! I’m smashing the mattress with my feet.” This was an answer I was not expecting, but I couldn’t argue with her logic. She had a different perspective, one that was arguably more creative than mine.

Everyday, Weber Marketing works with many different financial institutions with unique brands, cultures, and target markets throughout North America. Many of them have similar questions. How do we attract new customers/members? How can we better service our market? What are we not doing that we should be doing? Tackling these challenges creatively requires looking at them from a different perspective.

Kids are brilliant at looking at the world from a different perspective. They are not generally worried about providing a wrong answer, so many of them just go for it. Some answers that children give are both funny and brilliant, as this AT&T ad campaign captures.

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