Helping credit union members with the shift to digital

Engaging with your members online now can turn them into digital bankers for life.

With COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc on the US, credit unions and members have had to adapt to a primarily digital world. But it has also created a conundrum: How do you engage with members if you can’t see them in-person?

Prior to the pandemic, 53% of the banking public interacted with their financial institution via digital tools at least once a month, according to McKinsey. And only 33% of members interacted with the bank digitally more than once per week. This leaves a large chunk of the member base just now adapting to the digital banking experience for the first time. With COVID still months away from regressing, banks can use this moment to teach members how to fully engage, digitally.

Those unused to the digital banking space need help. It’s not simply clicking off the lights at the brick-and-mortar location and leaving member service up to AI or automation. Instead, it requires the right strategy, approach and dedication to ensure your members feel comfortable interacting online, giving them information that they need to bank and provide them with engagement to keep them returning.

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