How a payment processor can help collection agencies

Collection agencies are an integral part of the economy. The ability to collect on outstanding debts is something that many people cannot do, and as a result, they often turn to third-party companies for help. IVR payments are an excellent way to ensure that you get paid on time every single time. If you want more information about how these collections can be made easier with a payment processor, then continue reading today!

What is IVR?

Let’s start by defining the term for those that are unfamiliar. An IVR is an Interactive Voice Response system. These types of systems allow someone to use their telephone to make payments, and they’re typically designed with ease in mind.

Examples of IVR Payments

Payments through these IVRs are often done by dialing a specific number or selecting the option for payment from a pre-recorded message. For those that are short-staffed, this type of system is perfect since it requires very little effort on the part of the business.


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