How ALF increases safety for Delta Airlines

by. Josh Streufert

I’m a reasonably nice, somewhat affable, yet often curmudgeonly cynic.

Yet, I must admit, I laughed out loud watching a Delta in-flight safety video before a recent flight to Atlanta. Ridiculous, I know. More surprising than that: I paid attention to all five-minutes-and-twenty-two seconds of the FAA mandated content. (Spoiler alert, there are floatation devices stored under your seats!!! I had no idea.)

On a typical flight, when the flight attendants are doing their pre-flight thing, I’m tuning out. I’m trying to take a nap. I’m wondering if the baby two rows up will be a cryer. I’m flipping through Skymall, checking out some ridiculous pillows. I’m doing just about anything — as long as it’s not listening to the safety briefing. Why? Because I feel I’ve heard it, I think. And while the information therein may very well save my life, it’s simply not a compelling enough reason for me to remove my headphones and look up.

But this time, I see the screen and… “what the heck is going on with that lady’s hair?” Followed by, “Holy crap, it’s Devo!”

I laughed out loud when the one dude did the worm. ALF gave me a warm fuzzy of nostalgia. Kareem was the 7’2″ cherry on top.

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