How BI busts out at Teachers Credit Union

The Indiana cooperative is deploying dashboards and robotics to go where Excel has never gone before.

Robots don’t stuff envelopes and lick the stamps at Teachers Credit Union (TCU)($3.3B, South Bend, IN), but they have greatly sped up the process of determining who gets those letters and why.

Twenty years ago, Sherri Stewart began building the Hoosier state cooperative’s first data warehouse, producing time-consuming reports on request using Excel and her own growing expertise. Today, robotic process automation software is driving the credit union’s efforts to report on performance and improve its internal processes.

Stewart is still at TCU, but now the 26-year employee is a member of the business intelligence team and still learning and implementing new techniques. The newly reconfigured group utilizes sophisticated analytics software to extract and make meaning out of millions of pieces of data that flow every day into the credit union’s SQL-based data warehouse from various processing and transaction systems.


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