How CapEd FCU helps members keep cool without credit

The Idaho credit union’s weatherization loan offers an alternative to high-interest credit cards and HELOCs.

With a landscape that encapsulates deserts, mountains, farmland, and waterfalls — and more than a dozen national parks, monuments, and sites — Idaho truly is a “Gem State.” But the residents that make the state their home must be prepared for weather than ranges as widely as the landscape — from snow and ice in the winter to triple-digit heat in the summer.

That’s why CapEd Federal Credit Union ($664.8M, Meridian, ID) offers a loan product that helps borrowers fortify their homestead against the unrelenting weather of the West.

“It’s for things like roofing, insulation, and wood stoves,” says Ethan Morriss, the credit union’s chief lending officer, who introduced a similar loan at his previous credit union in rural northwest Oregon. “I realized we needed to get that program going here.”


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