How choosing the right fintech partnership is a recipe for credit union innovation

What a decade in financial technology can do.

What was once defined as alternative lenders or direct-to-consumer “disruptors” in industry-speak, fintech has evolved along with the financial services industry to include any technology company that creates and solves for creative solutions for financial institutions, including credit unions.

The original target of fintech in the last decade was to refashion the financial services industry by offering alternatives to traditional banking due to perceived distrust after the fallout from the Great Recession in 2008. That outlook has at once shifted again. Both fintech companies and the financial institutions realized that, instead of competing, the best way to serve the consumer and position the organizations for the best success was for them to work together.

Finding the best fintech partner for you

Researching the appropriate fintech partner is no small endeavor. Crowded with thousands of startups and fledgling companies every year, it can be difficult to sift through which products are best for your credit union and your membership.


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