How CIOs can achieve buy-in for digital transformation

When a decision-maker approaches technology decisions from a business background, they’re not always swayed by the right factors. They end up obsessing over the marketing’s promises of ROI rather than the security, or marveling over flashy features rather than the more practical aspects of a product.

CIOs essentially fight a never-ending battle when it comes to getting leadership to spend money where they need to spend it. As digital transformation sweeps the nation, it’s led to a lot of arguments and delays about how and where to spend. We look at how to persuade people to believe in digital transformation, so a business can have enough resources to handle anything from a vicious hack to an unexpected demand surge.

Don’t Abandon the Brand

A CIO who storms into a boardroom with an inspirational speech about how the world is changing is unlikely to be met with anything but annoyance. The very term ‘digital transformation’ sounds like you want to leave all the old ways behind. This is why it’s so important to root whatever request you’re making in the legacy of the company. If you can’t show the leadership that you understand the core audience and values of the brand, they can easily dismiss good ideas without a second thought.


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