How to build a BI team that drives results

A CFO-led team of four specialists and an intern collaborate across the enterprise at the world’s largest university credit union.

Acting on member data is a growing imperative at Michigan State University FCU ($4.0B, East Lansing, MI), which is using an in-house business intelligence team to provide insight for every step of a member’s life cycle.

Membership is particularly fluid at the world’s largest university-sponsored credit union, which — with an average age of 40 and median age of 38 — skews young by credit union standards. Those numbers dip a bit each year in the third quarter as more than 3,000 student accounts join the roster.

Here, Sara Dolan, chief financial officer at MSUFCU, discusses the work of the BI team she leads.

Describe the history, organization, and role of MSUFCU’s BI department.

Sara Dolan: We created the business intelligence department in 2014 to centralize data research, analysis, and reporting. Prior to 2014, these tasks were completed in marketing, administration, and various departments.


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