How to manage your overflowing mortgage pipeline

Best practices for managing high mortgage volume while still capturing new business and serving your members.

Every mortgage boom that has hit seems to have come out of nowhere. Loan officers and the origination team quickly become overwhelmed with overflowing pipelines, so keeping them highly engaged and encouraged only lasts so long as weeks turn into months of long hours.

When your mortgage team is overwhelmed, the best relief you can provide is to staff up. This can become a bigger challenge when every lender is busy and competition is fierce to hire the best, qualified loan officers and processors. If past experience holds true, you will likely end up with candidates that aren’t quite what you want, but are still adequate enough to move forward. Here are a few suggested best practices to help your credit union manage the stresses of being incredibly busy, while still capturing new business and serving your members.

Best Practice: Hire Supporting Staff to Take the Load Off

Hiring such supporting staff as junior loan officers and processing assistants, to ease the load for your existing team can make a world of difference. These staff members would be skilled admins that can do simple tasks, such as calling members for documents or following up on requests. Forget trying to train them on the whole job, instead train them to do key time-sucking components. The training time will be reduced and they can add value quickly. This will also allow your more knowledgeable staff to handle more challenging tasks and manage their workload effectively.


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