How to Stand Out in a Crowd: Differentiating your Credit Union

by. Mark Arnold

Are you the only bank or credit union in your town that consumers could choose? Unless you live in a remarkably small ‘burb, the answer is probably no. In virtually every market, there is a cacophony of voices, marketing messages, and brands crying for business and consumer attention. The question becomes:

How can your financial institution distinguish itself from the crowd?

Authors Chris Brogan and Julien Smith attempt to answer this question in their remarkable book, The Impact Equation. According to the authors, in order to make consumers truly care about what you have to say, you need more than just a good idea or trust with your audience. What you really need is a good mix of both and a whole lot more of each. What consumers want, more than anything, is to feel a connection with the brand. When that connection is felt, it’s far easier to generate lasting business with consumers.

So, how can your financial institution answer the call of The Impact Equation? Perhaps by following one of the shortest and yet most powerful messages found in the entire book — “The people are what matters.” These words are profound in their understatement. All too often, financial institutions get caught in the daily routine of providing products and services, trying to keep abreast with the competition, complying with increasingly burdensome regulations and the like. What gets lost in the mix is the most important part — the people.

Below are a few simple steps your financial institution could take to help ensure that it is the people that matter most in your business mix.

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