How to turn a Customer into a Fan

by Ian Bowen

No it’s not a magic trick with smoke and mirrors, though come to think of it many will probably consider it so.

On the occasions when I have experienced the transition from simply being a customer to being a fan I have concluded that it is essentially down to the 3 P’s – Professional, Personal and Personable and more often than not it’s nothing especially major.  It’s just little things that, as a customer, I have been pleasantly surprised at, delivered with the 3 P’s.

Take the time that I was buying my father a pair of slippers for Christmas from a leading partnership department store chain in the UK.  I took them to the check out point and the member of staff took them from me and then disappeared.  It turned out that she had noticed a small crease in the material and had gone to the section manager to confirm that she could offer me a small discount.  The amount of the discount was modest but I was impressed and I’ve been a fan ever since.

In the whole of my career I have always had a passion for customer service excellence.  The feeling you get when it’s clear that a customer has genuinely appreciated their dealings with you is as good a reward (for me) as the salary I was paid.

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