I am not the best mom, but a mom with purpose

I am not the best mom. I’m a good mom and a strong mom. I’m a take no-shit kind of mom. I say things – inappropriate things, snarky things, tongue-in-cheek kinds of things. I go my own direction in life. At times perhaps not the right direction, but it’s always with a purpose, nonetheless. But two things I excel at, two lessons I speak of ALL THE TIME to my girls who are 12 and 9, are as follows:

Number one: Be true to yourself.

Number two: Be intentional.

Number one is important for so many reasons and, as simple as it sounds it always isn’t easy. Humans by nature are judgmental and assuming. It can be difficult to hold your ground or speak your mind when it is against the grain or against the norm. It’s difficult at 46 and even more so at 9 or 12. I tell my girls, shoulders back, chin up and go rock whatever (shit) it is you’re about to do (within reason and not illegal obviously).

Number two is just as important and really goes hand-in-hand with number one. In today’s day and age of digital first communications, whether it be via email, lobby screens, text messages, social media, or images, being intentional to your brand is vital. Your brand can be your personal image and what you choose for people to see about you. It can also be the image of your credit union or whatever industry/company you represent.


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