Inside the Elevations Branch 2.0

When you love where you live, it matters where you bank.

by: Lisa Sjo

Elevations Credit Union, based in Boulder, CO, built their brand on that premise. It’s about loving local, embracing differences, and reflecting the community in which you live. Weber Marketing with architectural partners EHS Design helped Elevations define a branch prototype that extends that brand positioning into the newest Elevations branches — the first of which opened to the public this summer.

Check out this video, produced by Elevations, showcasing the new space and using it as a recruitment and culture-building tool for their staff.

Elevations unveiled its new branching concept in 2014. These aren’t your typical branches! The way consumers transact business is changing. Basic transactions are migrating away from the branch to more online, mobile and ATM based channels. Each of our Branch 2.0 facilities is tailored to the community it serves.

Louisville2 Loveland Waiting Area Loveland Elevations Bar Loveland Office Marketing 3

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