Jack Henry gets vocal with launch of new bill pay skill for Alexa

A new expansion takes credit unions deeper into providing voice-banking services.

Jack Henry & Associates has launched a new bill pay product that allows credit union members to pay their bills using their voices and an Amazon Alexa smart speaker, according to an announcement from the company.

The company’s iPay QuickPay product allows members to initiate payments, review scheduled payments and get basic information about their payments history via voice commands.

“While applications of voice banking are truly just beginning to show up, Jack Henry believes they are growing and will become more sophisticated. We are happy to be a leader in developing transactional voice-enabled services for our financial institution clients, helping them to make banking more personal,” Jack Henry & Associates VP and JHA Payment Solutions General Manager Greg Adelson said.

Much of the technology behind smartspeakers relies on “skills” (on Google devices they’re called “actions”) that give the devices a range of capabilities. By installing the iPay QuickPay “skill” on their smartspeakers, members can use their voices to authenticate access with a PIN and then manage their payments.


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