Leaders in Lending | Ep. 126: Cognitive AI for transformative customer service

AI is not inherently intelligent, but do we need our computers and machines to think like us?

That’s part of what Peter Voss, CEO & Chief Scientist at Aigo.ai, was left wondering after he exited his first software company. The hunt for his next opportunity turned into an exploration into giving AI common sense — AI that can reason and learn.

He’s been on that journey for 20+ years and spent 5 of those years studying all different aspects of intelligence, gaining a well-rounded understanding of how people learn, how our intelligence differs from animals, and what IQ tests measure.

His studies culminated in the theory of how to build a thinking machine — from there, he launched his first AI company and has been developing his theory into practice ever since, pushing the limits of AI into new and exciting realms.


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