NAFCU’s Engage 2023: Day three

Welcome to another great day at the NAFCU Annual Conference, Engage 2023! Today’s sessions were jam-packed with valuable insights and inspiring presentations that left attendees motivated and equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of credit unions. From exploring the transformative power of AI to discussing the intersection of innovation and culture, the conference offered a diverse range of topics to cater to the needs of credit union professionals from across the country.

The day kicked off with a networking breakfast, where attendees had the opportunity to connect with peers from credit unions nationwide. Building stronger relationships and fostering connections within the industry is vital for success in today’s competitive landscape. The breakfast provided a warm and inviting environment for professionals to share ideas, experiences, and strategies.

The highlight of the morning was the keynote address by renowned futurist and author Brett King. In his captivating session, King delved into the major challenges facing humanity in the coming decades and how these changes will impact economics, philosophy, work, and inequality. King shared about bias and shortcomings in our current artificial intelligence, especially when the developer groups are not representative of the entire population. He then tied that to our industry with a deep dive into the changes emerging in banking and the increasing influence of technology and digital behavior. King’s expertise and global perspective provided valuable insights into the future of credit unions and the role of AI in transforming our world.

Following the keynote, attendees listened in on a panel discussion about the evolution of the workforce featuring executives Heather Andrade-Neumann and Cassandra Shepard and facilitated by CUbroadcast’s Mike Lawson. Retaining top talent in the industry is a pressing challenge, and this session provided valuable insights into industry trends, best practices, and innovative approaches to employee engagement and development.

A networking break provided attendees with the chance to recharge and refuel, enjoying coffee and treats while connecting with exhibitors who offered solutions tailored to credit unions’ needs. It was a fantastic opportunity as always to explore new products, technologies, and services that can drive growth and innovation within credit unions.

The next sessions focused on the intersection of innovation and culture. The closing keynote by James Robilotta, a leadership author, motivational speaker, emcee, and trained improv comedian, provided a thought-provoking and humorous end to the week. Robilotta emphasized the value of authenticity in leadership, communication, and relationships.

As the day came to a close, NAFCU President & CEO B. Dan Berger delivered closing remarks, expressing gratitude for the engaging discussions, valuable insights, and meaningful connections made during the conference. It was a fitting end to a week filled with knowledge sharing, inspiration, and the collective drive to shape the future of credit unions.