Networking: The table full of credit union employees doesn’t generate more business

You’ve likely been to at least one networking event in the past 6 months that included a meal, or at least tables where folks sit down for a program of some sort.  Usually this occurs at your local chamber or service group like Rotary.

I go to these events often. As a professional speaker, I’m often invited to sit at a specific table, usually with the leadership of the organization.  Before I sit down, I always scan the room, I introduce myself and I find out what others do. Inevitably there are lots of CU employees or staff present. When it comes time to take our seats, I scan the room again, and that’s when I see it….

You’ve seen it too….

You know those tables with all the people that know each other. The tables where people present all work together at the same company or even the same branch?


Unless otherwise indicated, you should never sit with people you know. The purpose of attending these types of events is to network and meet new people. You didn’t attend this event to sit next to someone you know and chat about things you chat about during work.  These events are meant to be ones where you see folks you know, you acknowledge them, you spend a short time (less than 5 mins with them) solidifying your relationship, and you move on to meet new people.

No progress comes from hanging out with people you work with at these events. In fact, in case you weren’t aware…the other people in the room are actually talking about how all the bankers sit with their company and friends and how all the CU people do too!  It’s a bad habit and your CU team needs to put a stop to it immediately. Start changing the dialog of what the other attendees are saying and start making new contacts, new relationships, and potentially new members!

Until next time don’t forget to Live Happy, Smile A Lot, and #High5 Everyone Around You!

Matt Ward

Matt Ward

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