Off-the-rack, ill-fitted marketing messages? One-size-fits-all is old fashioned

One-size-fits-all might work for bike helmets and wrist watches, but it’s not the right fit for today’s marketing campaigns. Enhance your style with the benefits of variable data. When paired with current technologies, it can deliver a more tailored and personalized approach to effectively connect with your intended audience.

Variable data in printing allows you to change out text and graphics based on member demographics, and the same concept works with email. Information about members stored in your credit union’s database can be used to send messages with dynamic content, personally targeting each recipient.

Consider these facts:

  • According to Forrester Research, 838 billion marketing messages were sent last year. You need an innovative strategy to stand out in this crowd. 
  • A report by Merkle, a CRM agency, notes 74 percent of consumers prefer to receive promotional messages by email. You need a modern approach to capitalize on members’ continuing fondness for this channel.
  • As DigitalMailer has reported before, nearly half of all emails today are opened on mobile devices – many on cell phones. You need a plan that incorporates mobile optimization.

Adding variable data into your marketing mix can help your credit union create adaptable and relevant “1:1” marketing offers – a winning approach in today’s tech-savvy, tech-dependent world.

Engaging a digital marketing partner to help integrate variable data fields allows for customized outbound promotional and educational campaigns. With the right expertise, it can be done through data-mining programs and dynamic message tagging – offering far more than simply adding a first name to the salutation.

Here are some of the data variables DigitalMailer’s clients turn to for email marketing success:

  • Age: Based on the email recipient’s age, you can change ad images to reflect the correct demographic.
  • Remaining loan balances: You can adjust email content to reflect appropriate purchase suggestions based on a member’s credit card or home equity balance.
  • Member product histories: Piggybacking on a member’s move, you can deliver personalized messages to promote a home renovation loan or an upcoming homeowners’ webinar. New car buyers may be interested in a special discount on a vehicle extended warranty.

A word of caution: When marketing with variable data, be sure to check your data carefully and have confidence in its integrity. Personalization matters more than the message subject, its appearance or the offer. If it’s sent to the wrong recipient, it could embarrass your credit union or, worse, offend a member.

Today’s consumers can quickly spot a one-size-fits-all marketing message – and just as quickly hit delete. To gain their attention, get personal. Identify the right members to target, as well as their wants and needs. Whether you segment targeted groups or personalize individual messages, variable data can help.