On-site: CUNA Councils Annual Technology and Operations, Sales & Services Conferences

CUNA Councils annual Technology / Operations, Sales & Service conference just concluded in Las Vegas. The two councils came together for an outstanding conference. Attendees were permitted to attend sessions from both councils. Additionally, they shared the same vendor exhibit hall and networking opportunities. The combination was well received by attendees. Everyone I spoke with enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about disciplines outside of their own.

The Keynote Address on Monday morning was standing room only. Brett King, the Founder and Chairman of Movenbank in NYC, spoke about how the everyday consumer’s financial behavior is changing. They are relying heavily on technology for their banking and financing needs. He provided some keen insight on what other financial institutions are doing and how credit unions might be able to better leverage technology to anticipate and meet the needs of their members.

Bill Cheney, CUNA’s President and CEO, provided an industry update filled with information. We are still seeing the affects from Bank Transfer Day. According to recent surveys, more than two and a half million checking accounts have been opened since BTD. He also talked about his work in Washington D.C. Noting that things don’t move very fast.  CUNA has been working on MBL caps, Privacy notifications, and exam fairness legislation among many other things.

The speed rounds were a fan favorite. Vendors were provided eight minutes to talk to about their innovative ideas and products. Then two minutes for questions and answers. This was a great format. The speakers were dynamic and received great questions about their products.

The conference provided a very full agenda. Multiple breakout sessions ran each day. With presentations from vendors and credit union employees. There was never a dull moment. There were several great technology presentations related to social media, mobile technology, and cloud computing. The operations side explored how to be more effective with your marketing efforts, employee optimization, and sales training.

The final day may have been shorter in length but definitely not in content. The Honorable R. David Paulison is the former FEMA Chief and now works with Global Emergency Solutions in Washington D.C. He spoke about how credit unions are a cornerstone in their communities. Providing services to their members and communities during good times and times of disaster.

Retired Marine Corp Lt. Col. Robert Darling closed the conference recounting his September 11 experience. At that time he was working with the White House military office. He was reassigned to be a liaison for the Vice President, National Security Advisor, and the Pentagon. One interesting topic that he discussed was crisis leadership decision making.

This conference definitely provided valuable information for all attendees. The knowledge obtained was relevant and timely. Most credit unions will be able to immediately implement some of the technologies, techniques for employee satisfaction/enrichment, and social media policies. For those topics that take time and planning, the knowledge obtained here will most certainly plant the seed to help create an effective framework.


David Miller is a Co-Founder and CTO/CFO of CUinsight.com, your one stop place for all things credit union.  He has been involved with the credit union community for over 10 years. As a Partner in the company, David enjoys wearing many hats. He designs and implements new technologies for CUinsight.com. Additionally, he manages all accounting aspects of the business. David is a published technology author and speaks at credit union events around the country. www.cuinsight.com

David Miller

David Miller

David Miller is one of the founders of CUinsight.com, your one stop place for all things credit union. He has been involved with the credit union community for over ... Web: www.CUInsight.com Details