The CUInsight Experience podcast: Bo McDonald – Accidental leadership (#149)

“Think, be relevant, redefine your credit union.” - Bo McDonald

Thank you for tuning in to episode 149 of The CUInsight Experience podcast with your host, Randy Smith, co-founder of This episode is brought to you by Elan Credit Card. Elan partners with more than 250 credit unions to provide an outsourced credit card program, and offers merchant and mortgage services for credit union members and business owners.

My guest on today’s show is Bo McDonald, Founder, President, and CEO at Your Marketing Co. Bo shares how his passion for credit unions evolved through his career journey from radio to marketing, and his newest venture, hosting a podcast. He gives powerful advice to encourage credit unions to redefine marketing and focus on relevancy and authenticity to stay ahead in this ever-changing industry. 

During our conversation, Bo shares the one concept that is both a challenge for credit unions and one that he is most excited about seeing in the future of the movement. Bo tells us about his new podcast called, The Accidental Leader where he shares insights based on his experiences to help others grow in their leadership role and build a positive culture. He discusses the key to being a good leader is having a vision, looking forward, and being able to communicate the vision effectively to your team.

Bo and I chat about building and growing a team. He emphasizes the importance of empathy and maintaining the culture, especially when adding new members to the team. We discuss the future of work and the best ways to maintain a team’s culture in a hybrid or fully remote work environment. He shares the greatest investment made in his career and advises listeners who are working towards becoming a CEO to, “Invest in yourself.”

As we wrap up the show, Bo talks about an emotional yet uniting moment within a business setting. He shares how he accidentally got into real estate, the leadership books he enjoys most, and advises listeners to, “go to the concert.” Enjoy my conversation with Bo McDonald!

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How to find Bo:
Bo McDonald, Founder, President, and CEO at Your Marketing Co.
Bo: LinkedIn | Twitter
Your Marketing Co.: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Podcast: The Accidental Leader

Show notes from this episode:
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In This Episode:
[01:53] – Bo shares how he started his career in pursuing his dreams as a radio DJ.
[04:25] – Bo discusses challenges that credit unions are facing when it comes to member experience.
[6:43] – Redefine marketing to stay relevant
[8:54] – How do you stay relevant?
[10:58] – How to continue growing as a mature company, don’t get “comfortable.”
[12:10] – Bo tells us about his new podcast, “The Accidental Leader.”
[13:48] – Bo shares his experiences in his new podcast to help others understand and learn how to be a better leader and all that goes into it.
[15:30] – Bo shares what makes a good leader.
[16:17] – Bo talks about the importance of looking forward when it comes to leadership.
[18:35] – Time and quality communication are the keys to creating and following a shared vision.
[20:37] – Bo talks about the Future Leaders of YMC (FLY) program
[21:44] – The benefits of having a team that cares about what they do.
[24:00] – Invest in yourself.
[24:57] – Bo shares the greatest investment made in his career was hiring a business coach.
[26:37] – Reach out and don’t be afraid to ask questions, but be prepared.
[28:28] – Bo talks about what work looks like going forward.
[31:04] – Bo discusses how to maintain culture in a fully remote work environment.
[34:11] – Bo shares the last time he was truly amazed
[35:49] – Bo shares how real estate has become a hobby of his, accidentally.
[37:32] – Bo shares what he is most frugal with.
[38:22] – Who would play Bo in a biopic?
[39:20] – Go to the concert.
[40:45] – What band is Bo listening to lately?
[41:24] – Think, be relevant, redefine your credit union.

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