Opening a credit union account during a pandemic

I moved away from my college town about a year ago, but I was still clinging on to my old credit union account because the thought of transferring my bills, direct deposit, and savings filled me with dread. I had not even considered transferring until I bought a used bike in person, where I had to withdraw $450 in cash.

With a $200 limit on the ATM, I fumbled through the ATM process three times to get enough in cash while a line formed behind me. It was just inconvenient enough to convince me to get a new account. I figured one year was enough; I should open a new account with a credit union where I can actually bank in person.

I picked one of the credit unions in my state that were on the top of the Forbes list, hoping for a good experience opening the account online or over the phone. After all, COVID-19 is still a pertinent piece of our lives. It went…. Interestingly.


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