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- by Christian Hibbard, Alacriti

Faster tax refunds

The most efficient tax refund is the one that doesn't need to be sent. Overpaying your taxes means the IRS holds some of your money interest-free until they get around to returning it via a [...]

- by Kristen Jason, Alacriti

What is Payments-as-a-Service?

You are probably already familiar with the term SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). However, you may not be as well acquainted with PaaS (Payments-as-a-Service). PaaS can also refer to Platform-as-a-Service, but here we will be exploring Payments-as-a-Service.  PaaS ([...]

- by Alacriti

A look ahead – Faster payments in 2021

The pandemic accelerated the need for faster payments, increasing both consumer demand for alternative payment options and the need for adoption by financial institutions. To illustrate, The Clearing House saw their RTP® network reach grow [...]

- by Christian Hibbard, Alacriti

Why real-time payments, why now?

It’s a common experience. Someone puts a shiny new piece of technology in front of you, and they say that it’s going to change everything: faster, smarter, easier, safer. Great, you think, but … [...]

- by Alacriti

What are real-time payments?

Real-Time Payments or “RTP” refers to payment rails (platforms or networks via which payments are made) that share a few characteristics. The first is in the name: they are real-time, or at least very close—[...]

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