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- by Tiffany Taylor, Alacriti

4 ways to reduce friction in bill payments

Consumer acceptance of online bill payments is increasing, along with expectations for a seamless bill payment experience driven by retail leaders and increasingly innovative payment methods. To reduce friction in bill payments for consumers, you [...]

- by Tiffany Taylor and Alison Arthur, Alacriti

What are payment rails?

For consumers, payments can be as easy as the dip of a credit card or the touch of a “Pay Now” button. The ease of these transactions belies the complex architecture that makes modern payments [...]

- by Saman Kazmi, Alacriti

Zoomers: Banks vs. credit unions

How do Zoomers interact with banks and credit unions? A preview of this will be given shortly, but first, let's dive into a quick recap. As we all know, much of the Zoomer population are [...]

- by Saman Kazmi, Alacriti

Zoomer generation’s core qualities and values

Zoomers, also known as Gen Z, are the “Digital Natives,” making up 32% of the U.S. population as of May of 2020. First, let's talk about what the name Zoomer actually means. Zoomers are [...]

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