Mahalo combines a modern architecture and forward-thinking people to create omni-experience digital banking

CHELSEA, MI (May 8, 2018) — In launching its new flagship digital banking platform, Mahalo Technologies has combined the most modern architecture in the marketplace with some of the greatest minds in the industry. In doing so, the new startup is pushing beyond mere omnichannel delivery to what it calls omni-experience digital banking.

Mahalo’s architecture provides a modular and scalable product, allowing for improved deployment and the ability to keep current with technological advances. A rich set of features works seamlessly across all digital channels to create a truly unique user experience.

“We’re committed to creating a real omni-experience where consumers can quickly access all functionality regardless of platform,” said Mahalo President and CEO Alan Augustine. “We’re pushing beyond mere convenience to add a real ‘wow factor’ to digital banking.”

According to Augustine, this includes building a better experience for credit unions and their employees. Unprecedented security components and advanced data analytics are among the many features that Mahalo is pioneering. For this reason, the company has also focused on assembling the best team in the industry. This dual emphasis on technology and people has been key since co-founders Denny Howell and Dan Domek formed the company.

“We firmly believe that it’s important to have the right people doing the right jobs,” said Howell. “Dan and I are tech guys and we like it that way.” This is why the two chose Augustine, another longtime credit union technologist, to the fill the role of President and CEO.

Mahalo recently brought onboard both Jim Stickley and Ron Murray as investors and active advisors. Stickley is the founder of Stickley on Security and an often-seen cyber security expert on various television shows. Murray is the founder of CUTEK and is known as an industry leader in third-party integration into core data processing systems.

“I have been testing online banking solutions for years” said Stickley “and I have found that cyber security is limited, often treated like it is the responsibility of the financial institution to address through third-party providers. Having the chance to design and integrate robust cyber security technology directly into the banking software changes everything!”

“Time and again I have worked with credit unions that are trying to implement a new online banking solution, only to find no real integration process,” said Murray. “Being able to help design Mahalo with strong embedded ties directly to the core will save credit unions countless hours, not to mention considerable frustration.”

“We’ve really struck on a simple formula,” concluded Augustine. “By combining the best technology with the best people, we’ll be able to have the greatest possible impact on credit unions of all sizes.”

About Mahalo Technologies

Mahalo Technologies, Inc. provides online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions. Based in Troy, Mich., the Mahalo platform is designed and built on superior architecture with deep integration to core processing, providing security and a robust feature set across all delivery channels for a true omniexperience. Mahalo banking is feature-rich and price competitive to help all credit unions achieve a technology advantage in the marketplace. For more information on Mahalo banking, please visit us at


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