Punting passwords and PINs for voice biometrics


Now that Apple has rolled out the red carpet of credibility for biometric security technology with its Touch ID on the iPhone 5s, I’m sure many financial IT and security folks now are taking another look at how biometrics can greatly enhance a credit union member’s account security — while easing the hurdles it takes to access one’s account. Focusing on voice biometrics in this interview, we invited ValidSoft’s CEO Pat Carroll on the program to provide us with an intriguing inside peek on the advent of biometrics and how credit unions can take advantage of it to mitigate fraudsters.

Specifically, Pat discussed items such as securing mobile, punting passwords, the real cost of fraud (more than $200 billion in the US each year), how security affects the consumer experience, an ideal solution’s parameters, and more. Again, a truly fascinating conversation with Pat as he guided us down a path of where this security technology is headed and how credit unions and their members can ultimately benefit. Check it out!

P.S. Skype wasn’t working too well — or at all — from Pat’s end in the UK, so we are treating this episode as an audio podcast. There are still screens to view, but mostly this is a good one to kick back and listen to while you work or travel.

Finovate Spring 2013 presentation

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