Putting you first

From brand campaign to philosophy in action during the year of COVID-19

We had everything lined up and ready to go. Our new omnichannel “YouFirst” campaign, scheduled to kick off in Q1 2020, was slick, sharp and well-planned. So much time and energy had gone into developing it. The elements were all there: new video spots, fresh copy, updated branding, advanced digital elements and platform strategy, print collateral, event plans—the whole nine yards.

We had managed to distill the essence of our mission as a credit union down to a highly relatable message. “YouFirst” is a simple way of saying that no matter who “You” are, our goal is to put you, the member, first—not stockholders, sales goals or quarterly numbers. You and your goals come first, above all else. What could be easier to understand than that? We were so excited to roll out this campaign. We just knew were going to reach many new prospects and really show them who we are and what we do.

Unfortunately, we all know what happened next: COVID-19 shut down the whole country in the spring, and suddenly we at AmFirst had to reevaluate all of our plans. But amazingly, dealing with the impact of coronavirus on our members became the most sincere and effective demonstration of the YouFirst message we could possibly have imagined.


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