‘Rolling Rez’ brings banking to the people

Lakota Federal Credit Union currently serves members with the “Rolling Rez,” a bus owned by several community partners it works with. LFCU took a big step this year when it decided to purchase its own bus.

At Lakota Federal Credit Union (LFCU), mobile banking has a much different meaning than what most people associate with their smart phones.

Instead of an app, LFCU brings banking services to members with a bus known as the “Rolling Rez.”

The $9 million asset credit union in Kyle, S.D., serves the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, which has a population of roughly 40,000, more than 40% of whom are age 19 or younger. It’s home to the Oglala Lakota Sioux.

The reservation covers two counties and more than two million acres. It has nine districts, which are individual communities each roughly 30 minutes apart.


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