Seven strategies to improve employee experiences

In today’s tight labor market financial institutions are waging a war for both front and back of house staff. Creating great customer experiences starts with motivated and passionate employees both in the branch and supporting operations from headquarters and call centers, but organizations are finding it difficult to staff these positions with the right people and to retain and motivate current employees.

This labor squeeze has put the employee experience in the spotlight, and organizations that win on this front will also pull ahead with the best customer experiences. Creating comfortable and healthy working environments is a critical part of the employee experience.

But promoting wellness in the built environment has always been somewhat of an abstract concept, with many publications and organizations discussing wellness in generalities without coming up with specific, actionable strategies. This led the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) to introduce WELL Certification to help organizations pursue healthy workplaces. The IWBI proposes seven areas where organizations have the opportunity to help or harm the wellbeing of their employees through both policy and the built environment. These areas are air, light, water, comfort, fitness, nourishment, and mind.


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