Signs of a cybersecurity—or other fraud—concern

Teach your staff how to help members avoid some key traps this summer.

Fraudsters design their scams to get people’s attention—and later their money. Here are three things that First Line of Defense is teaching credit union staff people this summer so they can better prepare members to avoid losses.

1. Watch Out for Quick Cash Offers for Selling Your Home

If a member is talking about signs promoting a quick home sale, encourage them to speak to someone from the credit union who knows about home sales. Many such ads are not scams, but companies posting such signs may be using deceptive tactics to take advantage of vulnerable homeowners by undervaluing their home.

2. Be Careful When Email Subject Lines Say You Have an Outstanding Payment

“Your package could not be delivered due to an outstanding payment of $2.34.” If you get an email with a subject line like this, discourage members from clicking through to see the links inside the email; they are likely fraudulent! Clicking those links might lead to malware being loaded onto their computer or phone. Malware could also be presented to look like a trustworthy email attachment (such as an offer or bank statement). But opening a malware attachment could cause real problems, including paralyzing entire computer systems.


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