Sky robots in flight, Amazon delight

by. Jimmy Marks

Jeff Bezos is too busy making money to worry about whiners.

My wife and I finished putting up our Christmas tree yesterday and sat down for a nice glass of wine and a football game. After the game ended (way to make it happen, Denver!), we kept watching the CBS station we were on already and stuck around for 60 Minutes. The top story of the night was a Charlie Rose interview with Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. In it, Bezos outlined Amazon’s growth strategy and talked about what was in store for the online super-seller. Yeah, I know, I’m the “You’re Not Amazon” guy, but I do think a lot of what Bezos had to say was worth listening to and repeating.

When Rose asked Bezos about what Amazon is, I wondered if that was a stupid question. Everyone knows Amazon; once the best place to buy books and retail shopping items, the site is now a “we’ve got it all” powerhouse delivering digital services, fashions and even groceries. But Bezos took Rose’s question as more of a “what is Amazon made of” and produced a really thoughtful answer.

  1. Customer Centricity – “Putting the customer at the center of everything we do,” Bezos said, and he meant it.
  2. Invention—Amazon keeps coming up with new ways to impress and amaze. The company created the Kindle and changed the face of publishing. Now, they’re creating content you can watch on demand.

Those were the two strands of DNA that Bezos suggested were the makeup of the retail juggernaut. Isn’t “customer centricity + invention” the formula for innovation?

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