Speaking tricks that improve your credit union leaders

There are tricks in any industry. Watch a Food Network show and you’ll see experts sharing their insights and tips on a multitude of cooking issues. When it comes to improving your skills as an executive with a credit union or bank, there are also tricks. And you can learn these tips from other industries (but maybe not the cooking field).

In his latest free e-book, Dr. Michael Hudson shares 52 Speaking Tricks. These tips are not just for speakers. Every executive, manager or board member at your financial institution can learn several ideas with this quick read.

I had the opportunity to visit with Michael about 52 Speaking Tricks. Below is my Q&A with him.

What can credit union and banking leaders learn from 52 speaking tricks?

Some credit union leaders might have an initial reaction that they don’t need to think about speaking in public because they don’t do it that often. But that’s really not true.

Every time they speak in a meeting, to their team, one-on-one at a conference, or respond to a question from a consumer, they are speaking in public. The things they’ll learn from 52 Speaking Tricks will help them deliver their messages more effectively, and nothing it more important to the growth of a business than consistent, effective use of the leader’s voice.

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