Steve Wozniak shares perspectives on technology, AI and innovation

In an exclusive interview and in a presentation at the Novathon conference, the Apple co-founder discusses his love for technology, his fears about artificial intelligence, and his perspectives on the potential for digital transformation.

Steve Wozniak

While optimistic about the future, Steve Wozniak is not ready to turn over his identity (nor his Tesla) to artificial intelligence anytime soon. At a conference in Budapest I attended, he referenced deleting his Facebook account because of privacy concerns, and that he no longer believes that a totally autonomous car will happen in his lifetime. But Wozniak retains the passion and enthusiasm for technology and innovation that made him a household name as Apple’s co-founder.

When he and Steve Jobs started Apple, they were trying to develop a new kind of computer that would improve the user experience beyond what was available at the time. The rest is history. Today, “The Woz” is a brilliant engineer, who keeps his eye on what is happening in technology, digital transformation and entrepreneurship.

Wozniak is involved in numerous business and philanthropic ventures, focusing primarily on computer capabilities in schools and stressing hands-on learning and encouraging student creativity. He’s revealed that he has given the vast majority of his wealth to charity.

Staying on top of current technology trends, Wozniak has even become involved in the controversy around the algorithms used to determine credit limits on the newly introduced Apple Card. Concerned about gender discrimination, he used Twitter to join the debate, saying that he received a credit limit ten times higher than his wife, despite the couple sharing all their assets.


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