Strategic Challenge 2015: What will you stop doing?

Think back to the last adult conversation you had. I’m guessing it went something like this:

“Hi there. How are you?”

“I’m well. You?”

“I’m doing well. But so busy. I had three meetings today. The examiners were in last month and I’m working on responses to two findings. We are considering a core conversion and I’ve been working on committees to move that project forward. I forgot my son had a science project due, so I was up until 2 AM working on his project last night and my father is coming into town this weekend, so as soon as we are done with this meeting, I have to rush home to make sure the house is in order. Hang on, I’m getting a text from my husband.”

Human beings are busier than ever. Here are eight things you might not know about busyness in America.

Considering how busy we are, as we head into the credit union industry’s peak “strategic planning” season, credit unions across North America might be overwhelmed with the many important strategic questions that are under consideration:

•    What is our “why?”
•    Is our vision aggressive enough for the next 3 years?
•    What do our members and potential members need and want?
•    How will we attract the next generation of members?
•    How will we make using the credit union easier than ever?
•    What will the branch of the future look like and what purpose will it serve?
•    What will our digital strategy be in this omni-channel world and how will we meet our members where they are?
•    What will our payment strategy be?
•    How will we retain and attract top talent and what is our succession plan?
•    How will we integrate innovation into our daily lives?

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