Strategies for sales coaching

According to a 2018 research study(i), there is as much as an 18% gap in sales revenue achievement between companies with effective sales coaching vs. those who are ineffective.

This same study brought light to the fact that many organizations recognize the value of sales coaching, but most of these same organizations feel they are not adequately coaching their sales staff.

Consider adopting the following coaching strategies to encourage sales growth and consistency throughout your organization.


  1. With your staff:
    • Uncover coaching objectives and needs
    • Recognize “coaching moments”
    • Identify and communicate strengths
    • Challenge and support goal achievement
    • Address challenges and concerns
  2. With yourself:
    • Build a positive view of “coaching”
    • Align beliefs with values
    • Build belief in abilities
    • Set clear goals that motivate success
    • Release self-imposed barriers
  3. With your coach:
    • Coach a coach to lead by example
    • Establish a coaching culture
    • Provide organizational support


  • Implement coaching programs enterprise-wide – coach your coaches!
  • Establish a strong process for coaching
  • Actively listen during coaching conversations
  • Prepare and follow-up on coaching sessions to keep individuals accountable
  • Praise staff to encourage positive results
  • Push yourself, your staff, and your superiors to meet challenging objectives
  • Adjust your coaching style to address individual’s needs and behavior styles
  • Establish coaching accountability for managers
  • Coach more frequently to encourage progress and consistency
  • Integrate coaching into your talent management strategy
  • Schedule sessions like you would any other important appointment


Integrity Coaching

Equip your organization’s managers with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to improve employee performance and accountability. Based on the belief that building a strong organization begins with building its people, Integrity

Coaching helps you develop employees to reach their highest potential, supplemented by workshops, interactive reports and coaching sessions.

Behavior Styles 2.0

This communication course offers insights into the different behavior styles and communication preferences of your individual staff members. By leveraging in-depth Behavior Style™ reports, you will learn tools for adapting your communication and coaching style to get the most out of each member of your team.

These in-depth reports provide the information on the following:

  • Explanation of each individual’s natural and adapted Behavior Styles
  • Action plans for all four styles
  • Strengths of the styles and areas for development
  • Motivation and work preferences for styles
  • Management and sales communication strategies


This goal focused workshop is designed to equip participants with the skills they need to develop leadership skills, while also increasing their drive to achieve in the workplace.

The workshop is followed by nine one-hour coaching sessions that dive deeper into:

  • Prioritizing wants, needs, dreams and objectives
  • Setting specific goals and developing strategies for attaining them
  • Building internal beliefs that reaching goals is possible
  • Monitoring progress and taking appropriate actions to achieve goals
  • Creating an environment that supports and encourages creativity

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