Successfully communicating to your credit union front line staff

One issue we run into over and over again as we begin working with a new credit union client is front line communication. If it exists, it’s usually not effective. Keeping your front line staff in the dark, or only sending down orders via quick bullet points is killing your growth opportunities! I won’t say that we’ve perfected the art, but understanding the importance of it has certainly given us reason to continue experimenting and exploring options to better communicate marketing updates and cultural news briefs to the front line staff at the credit unions we work with. Staff numbers at our various credit unions range from 6 people to 119 people. But what if you had to communicate to over 2,000 people?

Dunkin Donuts was having the same problem many credit unions in effectively communicating corporate information to their franchises and front line staff, totaling well over 2,000 people.

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