Survey says: Members want to be understood

Originally posted on SAS VoicesGuest post written by Pamela Prentice, Chief Resource Officer, SAS Institute, Inc. SAS Institute, Inc. is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics Software & Risk Assessment.

These days, we can interact with businesses anytime or anywhere. Technology gives you convenience and choice—on how and when to do business. We can do our banking, shopping, and travel planning through our computers and mobile devices when it suits us.

At the same time, technology provides businesses with more information about us. Through our purchase transactions, online visits, and other interactions, businesses capture data about who we are, what we like, how we shop, and how we behave. We leave a trail of information behind us. And businesses can use this information to target their products and services to us in many ways: online, through the mail, through our mobile devices, social media, and more.

A recent study among 1,260 U.S. adults revealed that consumers really want businesses to understand them, despite privacy concerns. Consumers have seen improvement in the personalization of marketing messages over the past five years, and many have seen a reduction in the number of irrelevant offers they receive. These consumers like to be treated as individuals and recognized when they contact businesses. They want information tailored to their needs and preferences through their preferred methods of communication, and they want a consistent experience during interactions.

Of particular note, they want recommendations for products and services based on their lifestyle, previous purchases, and search history. Online retailers, according to the survey, fill this bill the best.

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